5mm below the surface

I proudly present my first attempts of in-water photography with my big camera from a few days ago in a stormy surfing session with on-shore wind and western swell.


I used to go in the water with my GoPro more often in the last time and because I had a lot of fun hanging in front of the peak or the surfers board-nose I decided to  finally buy a water-housing for my sony a6000 - and like the coincidence decided my photographer friend which helped me a lot already had his old water-housing for sale!  

It´s hard to swim in the current and with the waves and you have to dive a lot because you have to be in front of the braking wave and while you do all this you still have to handle the camera - but it´s so much fun for me. Also to observe the other surfers and what they do or to intuit what they might do as their next move helps me a lot to get better in surfing myself. I am often really afraid of those massive looking water lips when they are in front of you. The more I have to dive and the more I have to swim in the impact zone or near from it, the more I lose my fear because my brain realizes that it´s just water and that there are things that hurt much more than getting a wave slapped into your face or on your ear. 


I will definitely train this summer to be fit in autumn and winter when the wind gets off-shore and the swell hits  the shore with constant 10 ft and the perfect lines will roll in here in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. 

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