Lanzarote Boadtrip

Hola Friends


here is a little photo-diary of our boat-daytrip from Lanzarote. The brother of our friend is living there as well and owns a little boat-company. He also has one fishing boat which is not used any more so he repaired and redesigend everything and now it´s a pretty neat boat with lots of space for sun lounging and having a comfortable and relaxed time during the trips. It even has a bbq hanging over board to grill food! We went out on the south end of the island and headed to Fuerteventure to find dolphins. Sadly it was a bright day and a lot of boots were on the water so I guess those wild beauties hid somewhere else. We went back to anchor at the south-western coast of Lanzarote to have a dip in the ocean and to enjoy our bbq and the sun. It was a total awesome day ! The one thing I didn´t liked is the fact that the boat is still a motorboat with an engine and I prefer to sail because it is a lot safer for the environent. 


xx Julia 

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