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Hey Lovelies,


soon it´s Valentinesday and even if I personally never need a special occasion to eat chocolate you might find this little recipe useful to treat your loved ones. I got it from my girl Tanja - and believe me she is a master chef in vegan/raw baking. So cheers to her and thank you to let me share this here! <3


Silken Tofu 200g

Dark Chocolate 250-300g

Agave Syrup - as much as you like/

or Cinnamon 

1 small cup of Coffee/Espresso


What to do? 














Enjoy it! xx, Julia 

  •  Open the silken Tofu and let it drain before you use it
  • Brew coffee/ espresso - one for you and one for later 
  • Take the tofu and mix it till it gets kind of fluffy, you can already sweeten it with Agave/Cinnamon
  • Let the chocolate bars melt
  • Mix it to the Tofu and add the coffee 
  • Stirr it as long as it is an evenly mixture
  • Enjoy it directly or - best option - put it in the fridge and enjoy it when its cold and more like a moussee 


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