I´m back in this thing called internet

Hey Lovelies,


it´s time for a new start. It´s been a long time since the last entry, but what should I say... I was simply not keen in updating my life here - while Instagram is still full of my daily adventures. But since the new year, I can´t stop thinking about starting this blog again. So here I am. 


And even if I´m not a fan of all this "new year, new me"- plans, I can´t help myself but setting up my own personal standards for the year. Simply said my phrase for the year will be "Do what you love more often" 


So this first week of the new year I did all this what I like the most: I went surfing (again a thing that I stopped, just to see that I limit my personality and my personal happiness in doing so), I went to tge gym and had fun during my workous, I enjoyed the little things - like my 5 little cats. I sat in the sun, I read a book, I was doing yoga, I was in the nature to enjoy and also to take pictures and I started to eat more healthy again.


I hope you also had the time and the spirit to change or rebuilt your happiness and habits and if not? There is plenty of time to do so in this new year.


xx, Julia

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