Yoga - Flowing friday Series

Namasté Folks and welcome back to the Flowing Friday Series. 


This time with the "Head-to-Knee" - Pose, also called Janu Sirsasana and it´s an asymmetrical seated forward-bending pose

Sitting is on of our worst habits as a human living in a modern society. Doesn´t matter if at work, at home, at university or in any form of transportation, most of our waking hours we spent on some chairs. Because of this habit the muscles in our spine, the joints of the spine and the ligaments have to suffer a lot. Also when we do a lot of sports e.g. running, fitness or for me also surfing, our backs have to work a lot. Muscles shorten and get tense, the spine is pushed into a position that is somewhat less than perfect and so the nerves and blood vessels have problems to do their work. We acknowledge the effects of the dysfunction of our back muscles and tissue in lower back pain, headaches, problem with breathing and fatigue. 

To do something against this kind of diseases and indisposition this sitting pose is perfect. You don´t even need a yoga mat, just place a blanket on the floor or on the bed before going to sleep and stretch yourself out.

Sit with both legs straight on the ground and a unbowed back and be attentive to feel both pelvic bones on the floor. Relaxed your shoulders and just breath for a minute and calm down and relax. After feeling calm start getting into the pose. Flex your left leg and place the sole of the left foot on the inner tight of the right leg. It depends how flexible and open your hips are, if you are able to lay down your knee on the ground. If  this position hurts, place the left feet shortly over or below your knee. Breath in and while breathing out, sink with your chest to the knee of the right knee. Don´t bow your back. Try to work with your breath to get deeper and also the forward folding has to come out of your hips. You should feel a stretching in the back and the sides of the back and in the leg that is grounded. 

Breath deeply for 1-2 minutes and try to accept the light pain of stretching out. CAREFUL: There should be never a stretching in the knee. Also, if you feel getting a limb numb, slowly release the pose to prevent injuries. Change sites and repeat the pose with the right leg. 


Happy bending

xx, Julia 

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