Morning workout Routine

Good Morning Folks,


I´m back in my workout routine and therefor also in for my morning sport sessions. All you need for a kick start in the new day is some motivational music, a mat and nice workout clothes. Of course you can do the exercises also in an old t-shirt and a legging - but I recommend you to "invest" in a sports-bra, some shorts or tights. As soon as you wear your gear you will feel ready for the workout. And this is how you should want to feel: Ready to change your fitness habits! Ready to move!  But don´t set your goals too high in the beginning or see this workout as an instruction to get "lean and fit" and get a "model body" like this chick on Instagram you admire for her amazing body.

This workout is to re-energize your body, to build up a bit of strength and mostly to get used to moving and feeling your body again. And this is no instruction how to do the separate exercises. I assume that you already did these kind of workouts and know how to do the movements.

You don´t have to do it in the morning, do it whenever you have time - but it will help the most if you do it right after waking up. It will cost you 15-20 min of your daily time. You think you need more time in the bathroom "preparing" your face for the day? No! A morning workout will make you much prettier than any make-up could do. After a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session, your face will glow by itself, dark circles under your eyes will be gone, you won´t need a coffee to get fully awake and you just need a quick cold shower to be ready for the day. 



Push Up´s : My most hatred exercise, because I suck at this. I´m too weak in arms and shoulders. But because I have no expectations I normally can do more than I think I can do. And for all those who wonder why my forehead is nearly touching the ground. Sometimes I have the urge to do yoga and mix up movements. Here I have the automatism to put myself in Chaturanga-mode. Don´t do this!  (P.s. Posture is wrong, oh so wrong. Core is weak, arms are in the wrong position. You can see my weakness!)

Do a set of 10 push up´s as technically correct as you can. Try to keep in mind that your core will help you to get down, so keep your abdominal muscles and your back muscles tense. 

Side Plank: Try to hold the plank f0r 1 minute each side. If you can´t do this, split the minute in two 30-sec. sessions. You´ll see quick improvements in no time! Rest 30 seconds between the sites. 

Starfish Plank: If you want to feel your side abdominal muscles burn try to do the starfish plank for 1  minute each side after doing the normal side plank. It will be painful, but it is worth it! 

Side Lunges: Do 25 lunges per side. Try to keep your chest and back straight and just move your legs and turn the hips. Go as deep as possible with the legs. You should feel the muscles in your buttocks and the tights. Rest 30 seconds between the two sets. 

Sit Up´s. Last exercise of the circle. Do 25 sit up´s without any rotation. You can change the level of difficulty while keeping your heels on the ground or putting up your legs in a 90 degree angle. If you already have rock-hard abs  just do 50 repetitions, rest 30 seconds and than do 25 sit ups to the right and to the left side. 

Repeat the circle 2-3 times, depending on your fitness level. After each circle, rest for one minute before starting again. If you want to drink water, just do it in this one minute, not between the separate exercises because it will impair your performance. 

Don´t be angry or disappointed if your capacity during the second or third round drops. That´s just normal and exhaustion is necessary to give your metabolism the hint to burn body fat, while your muscles will strengthen and grow. 


To fill up your body with nutritious carbs to prevent yourself from lacking energy in the first hours of your hours at work, eat a breakfast with oats, nuts and a handful of fruits to give your body carbs, protein and a bit of minerals and sugar to keep your metabolism satisfied. 


I wish you a great start in the day.

xx, Julia 

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