When the Ocean is Across the Street

Hi Folks,


and welcome back on my website. I know that nearly one week past without any new posts. It´s a simple answer why - because I found no time.  Yes, I live next to the ocean but that doesn´t mean that my life is an ongoing  vacation and I just have to do what I want. I have to work like everybody else and yes there a few days in a row I don´t even see the ocean because there is no time to look out of the window or even think about going for a quick surfing session. But it seems unfair for all the landlocked surfers here, that I complain about my life. I am not. I just talk about all the envious or jealous comments and messages I got in the past - even when I still lived in Munich - and which I get till today. NO - My life is not about waking up, going for a surf and spending the whole day at the beach. NO - I don´t have endless funds on my bank accounts or get paid for what I do on social media. NO - My life is not how it seems in my social media accounts. It´s just a way to express a part of my life. Please stop being envious or even aggressive because it seems that another person you may not even know in real life, is living a "better life" than you.

There is only one way to avoid criticism: 

do nothing, say nothing and be nothing 

- Aristotle -  

Instead about hating others for doing what they love - just try to do what you love. Of course it seems hard in the beginning an in 99 cases out of 100 this may be true. But you´ll never know if you never try to step out of your comfort zone. And this blog here is also just a way to deal with all the difficulties  and stories in my new life.  And this is my story. My own adventure and I surely don´t force people to be part of that if they don´t want to.


But back to living and working next to the ocean. Of course it has its advantages. I can go for a run next to the beach or even on it. I can take a look out of my window when everything is "too much" and enjoy the view. I can go for a surf session nearly whenever I want, when my work schedule allows it - so at the moment not really that often. I can just breathe the air, the salty taste in the air of the ocean spray. I can watch the sun drown in the sea every evening. But that are just moment of my life. Most of the day I´m working or sitting behind my laptop or if not, there are always things to do in the surf camp or in our private rooms like buying groceries or cleaning. Just normal daily tasks. So I don´t live a glorious life, but a happy life. It can be hard sometimes, stressful but it´s my responsibility how I want to mold my life.  And I can just give you the advice to do the same. I won´t let me take down by haters or other jealous people, that used to call me a "friend".

Let´s be more positive and open minded for other people´s life and stories. Create your own life and your own story. 


Good Night

Share the love, enjoy your life.


xx, Julia 



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