Hi Folks and Namasté 


welcome back to Flowing Friday. This time with the Asana called "Pigeon Pose" with one leg grab. It´s a pose often seen on Instagram or other social networks because it catches the eye and also because it can  - if totally bend - look really beautiful in many different versions. As I said - and I just can repeat myself here - don´t try to mess your flexibility and skills with the skills of other people. I´m still trying to improve my back bending flexibility and my hip opening skills to get fully into this pose, but compared to when I started, I made a really great progress and can be proud of myself. 

But why doing this Asana? First here a few facts which impacts this pose will have on your body - always with the aim to improve and support your surfing skills as a girl. The pigeon is not a pose for balance, but for building up strength and furthermore flexibility. It opens your hips - which is important for making turns and quick pop-ups while surfing, It stretches out the muscles in your upper arms, shoulders and neck, butt and  tights, which tend to be uptight and shortened because of the high strain during a surf session. Third it will make your back work. Your spine has to move in a deeper bending position and the muscles of your back get strengthened. 

Last but least, how to get into this pose?  Start from the Downward facing dog, flex the left knee and move it forward to the ground that you can sit down. Stretch the right leg to the back.  Now try to grab your right ankle with your right hand as seen in the second picture. Try to push your hips to the ground but don´t press to hard. Try to flow into the hip flexing.  If you feel comfortable or it seems too easy for you try to stretch the left arm in the air, look up to your hand and keep your shoulders down or bend a little bit more to the back. If it´s possible try to pull your ankle further to you and bend your back again a bit more. Breathing out while bending will help to go deeper in the flexing of your body. 

To undo this pose put your arm down, sit straight again and slowly loose the grip around the ankle. Go back to the Downward facing Dog and flow into the Child's Pose to help your spine to get back into a natural position. 

Warning: It´s normal and a side effect of improving your yoga skills that some positions may feel uncomfortable in the beginning. But never ever a single muscle, hamstring or bone should hurt while trying to get into a Asana. STOP RIGHT IN THE MOVEMENT and lower the tension if something hurts or feels completely wrong. Learn to listen to your body to prevent injuries. 


Namasté and happy weekend

xx, Julia 

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