Flat DayS  x  Janga GUMM SERIES

Hi Folks and happy Wednesday 


The last few days here in mid-north of Portugal were really really flat- No swell and no waves at all. But you can´t call yourself a "true" surfer if you don´t try to find some waves that are good enough to surf them just for the joy of being in the ocean. Yes I know, there are people  who are only go surfing when it´s pumping, some of  them I can call my friends - but I am not that advanced or good at the moment. So I lend myself  a longboard - also called a log - from a friend, packed my new wetsuit ( GUMM series, Retro cut, black dolphin skin from  JANGA Wetsuits -available soon) and my stuff, asked Yoyo if he could take pictures and  we went on a little road trip to find waves. We found some really small but still fun ones. 


For me it´s not important to be the best one in surfing - neither in surfing on a smaller board, nor surfing on a log - but I´m aiming for improvement and fun. And I like it to challenge myself with different board types and designs and different conditions.  When the waves are small, I always try to work on tricks on a longboard e.g.  like walking to the tip of the board. I just started this kind of surfing  this spring, and since then I surfed on a log 4 times, so I´m still a beginner and need to find my own personal style. If it goes well the next months I´m thinking about buying one for myself.  And now I´ll let the pictures speak for themselves. 


xx, Julia 

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