Top "MALMO"  , Pants "PITEA"  -   both PROTEST Sportswear
Top "MALMO" , Pants "PITEA" - both PROTEST Sportswear

Hi and Namasté folks,


today with my first post of my weekly flowing yoga sequence. The next weeks I´ll give you the chance to learn more about different yoga positions - so called "asanas"  - and the possibility to achieve knowledge about health benefits of different asanas, impacts on your skeleton, muscles and hamstrings and the positive effects on your mental state.  First and most important thing to know if you practice Yoga is, that it is not important how flexible you are and that imperfection is desired. Every body is different. Of course it is necessary that you  keep the right position of your body in mind while practicing yoga to prevent injuries, but more relevant is the fact that you bow and bend your body and breathe because you like the movement not because it is trendy and part of the so called "health movement" of our society.  Don´t take a look at those impressive yoga Instagram accounts and believe you have to be that flexible or strong to be a real Yogi. Improvement will come with practice and on the long-run. And we all have to start somewhere. So take it easy and go with your own flow.


Yoga is also one of the best ways to improve balance, flexibility and the core muscular system - the three keywords to improve your surfing skills. Daily yoga practice will make you stronger - in a physical and psychical way - and after many days of sore muscles because of the unknown and new movements you´ll maybe like it. Personally, I don´t like the mystic and religious aspects e.g. the chanting in yoga or send prayers to the gods  too much - while I still respect this kind of yoga practice - so I will express my yoga practice as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

I practice Yoga to be flexible, strong and have a quick-response for surfing. Also some yoga styles help me to relax and unwind. I guess it´s all about  the  personal matter of taste, how so many things in life. 


This asana is called the "TREE". This position is mainly helping to improve  the balance and to calm down. Standing straight will activate the muscles in your grounded foot and the calves. Flexing the other leg, pressing the other feet on your standing leg will open the hip of the flexed leg and strengthen the tights.  Also the muscles of your butt have to work. This combination of flexing the hip openers and building up power in your legs and feet will help you with your take-offs while surfing and standing safe and balanced on a surfboard. It´s important to search grip on your standing foot while doing this pose, trying to spread your body weight on toes and heels equally. You can hold the pose as well with the hands folded in front of your chest while keeping your elbows in a straight position stretched out  to the left and right side. It seems easy to do this position and it´s really a beginners pose but try to maintain the balance while holding the asana for 10 - 15 breathes. Keep your body strong, the knee of the flexed leg pointing to the outside and press the palms together.  Extra tip: Try to focus on a fixed point on the ground or the horizon to help yourself keeping balanced.  


xx, Julia 



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