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let´s be honest, the headline "How to motivate yourself" is a pretty common and often used phrase in women's magazines. Most of the articles are just a simple copy and past - work of the authors. Most of the praised tips and tricks just lure you in the position of thinking your life and your emotions are under your control. I also know this feeling - being often sluggish and poorly motivated to actually do something , universal advise helps you to feel not so lost in your life and full of energy - but just over a short time period. It helps to get you started with a new "project" , but it can´t help you on the long-run.  Just think about the term "project" itself. In my opinion it should be called a goal, an aim which you want to archive. Let it be easy goals like to invest 30 min of your daily time to built up a sports routine up to really difficult and hard goals like to live a fulfilled and happy life.  But how should we start when we live in a society in which even the easiest things like e.g. grocery shopping confuse us with endless possibilities? 


" I think it´s time to ask yourself; what do you believe in?"

- Indiana Jones -


Even if Indiana Jones is just a movie character - he is one of my childhood idols -  this saying is absolutely true and the meaning of this quote is  your first step on your own motivational journey. What does makes you happy?  What truly moves you?  When do you feel free, calm and relaxed? Take a moment just to find answers to those questions.  

To motivate yourself and stay motivated it isn´t enough just to want to change things for a short time. You have to believe in your change and you have to be fully aware of the fact that YOU are the only person in the entire world, who can find solutions for problems which hold you down. 


But finding happiness and being satisfied seem so hard. Never forget, contentment is  happiness. Every person is different, but everybody can find his own way. For me, happiness is calming down. I have a restless mind and if I´m in a depressed or bored mood my thoughts begin to spin around, circling about all the negative aspects in my life. So I need something that distracts me from being sad and lazy. Our society gives an easy solution for this widespread problem among the population. Its called consumption and in this case it doesn´t matter if you give capitalism the chance to strike again or if you binge watch the latest "must-seen" - TV show or just eating too much food only to have something to do. 


Restart and rebuilt your social or private habits. Try to get back to a more natural way of relaxation. Try to get out of your normal comfort zone , find a new one. For me this is going for a walk in the nature alone or in company. And to make a conscious choice to set your mind free of any negativity. Enjoy what you see, feel, smell or taste. It hasn´t always to be in the most fancy way.  Just relax, just find a way to unwind your mind. Make it a habit and it will help you to be less stressed and less capable of being burnt out. A calm mind is the first step to achieve happiness which leads to motivation. 



Just for your information, while writing this article I felt stressed and  first I didn´t know where to start and what to write. I´m not saying that I´m always fully motivated  and that it is always easy to believe in the own goals, but I also believe that to struggle is part of the journey to find and keep your motivation. Giving up is always an option, but then you are not allowed to complain.  


xx, Julia 

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